The technology of Oncofactory was conceived by Dr. Céline Delloye-Bourgeois and Dr. Valérie Castellani-Lincontang at the NeuroMyoGene Institute in Lyon. The company holds 2 exclusive patent licenses and 1 patent for the platform.
Its localization in the NeuroMyoGene Institute provides to Oncofactory an ideal environment at the heart of the Health-East Campus, with internationally recognized research Institutes, a dense Hospital network and one of the biggest medical universities in France.  

Since its emergence, Oncofactory won 3 innovation prizes (Concours Mondial d’Innovation, CNRS pre-maturation program, I-Lab BPIfrance) and 2 scientific awards (CLARA ResearchToBusiness Oncology Trophy, HCL-Lyonbiopole Clinical innovation call).


frederic berget

Frédéric Berget


Dr Frederic Berget is graduated from the French Veterinary University of Lyon and holds a Master degree in management. He studied veterinarian anatomo-pathology in Lyon and Bern. Dr Frederic Berget was in charge of epidemiosurveillance for TSEs for 4 years. After working as a veterinarian in a private practice and as a Business development advisor in Medical Device industry, He joined Oncofactory in 2017.

céline delloye bourgeois

Céline Delloye-Bourgeois


Dr Céline Delloye-Bourgeois is research associate scientist at the CNRS in the Valérie Castellani laboratory. She is a specialist in the biology of cancer cells. She studies molecular signaling that control cell proliferation and metastatic dissemination. Her work is based on experimental manipulations in the avian embryo and mouse models.

In 2020, Dr Céline Delloye-Bourgeois received the bronze medal of the CNRS which rewards the most promising scientists in their field for her work on pediatric cancers.

Valérie castellani lincontang

Valérie Castellani-Lincontang


Dr Valérie Castellani-Lincontang is director of research (DR1) at the CNRS, leading a lab for 20 years. Her team is established at the NeuroMyoGene Institute (INMG). She is a specialist in developmental biology and neuroscience. Her lab studies the molecular dialogs between cells and their microenvironment during proliferation and migration, in normal and tumorigenic contexts. Her lab has long lasting experience with avian and mouse models, as well as in microscopy techniques.

In 2018, Dr Valérie Castellani received the Medal of Innovation of the CNRS that rewards exceptional research in technological, therapeutic, economic or societal domains and the Prix “Drieu-Chollet » of the French national academy of medicine for her work on pediatric cancers.

The technology of Oncofactory is the fruit of many encounters, we could not name them all! That of the fields of oncology and developmental biology, which we know share many common mechanisms, that of two scientists passionate about the design of biological models, eager to exploit the expertise accumulated through years of fundamental research to develop innovative solutions for studying cancer, the one with many clinicians, professionals of the pharmaceutical industry, of technology transfer structures that have enlightened our choices, the one with Frédéric, with whom we share the same vision of the challenges that the development of new treatments and personalized medicine represent, in which we include the future of Oncofactory.
We wanted our technology to fully meet the expectations of the European Ethic Law. Achieving this goal by bringing in vivo solutions allowing all indispensable investigations while significantly limiting their impact on the animal is very rewarding.

We are fully confident that the innovative models of Oncofactory have their full place in the race to beat cancer.